Best way burn fat and be physically fit

I first met Chad when I began working out at American River CrossFit in March 2008. I immediately liked his style and felt very comfortable with him, even though my fitness level was not very high. I was a 39 year old mother of 3, including a 4 month old. I have always worked to burn fat fast out and maintained a fairly healthy lifestyle but I immediately became hooked on the crossfit theory and knew that if I just did what the trainers said, I could get back my pre-baby body! After a few months of this, I felt stronger, more confident and had more energy. I always looked forward to my workouts and knew that I would be encouraged to do the highest level possible for me. Chad always knows when to push and encourage, but maybe more importantly, he also knows when I’ve had enough and need a break. I later began kick boxing with Chad in one-on-one sessions and immediately saw a difference in my core strength.

I also love boxing because it gives me the chance to beat out all my aggressions and have a really intense, really different workout. When I saw the most changes in my body, though, was when I incorporated the nutritional advice that Chad gave me. I followed his instructions and made all the changes (with no cheating!) but saw NO weight loss in the first 4 weeks! I was pretty frustrated but Chad encouraged me to stick with it. I did feel more energetic and alert in my workouts but I was more focused on that number on the scale! I hung in there and lost 10 pounds that second month. I have lost an additional 6 pounds, over 10 inches and attained my goal to be under my pre-baby weight by my 40th birthday. I am so grateful to have discovered this way of life and have such professionals teaching me and supporting me every time I work out. Thanks, Chad!!Josh Klapow-MMAHITFIT and CrossFit Trained

I started working with Chad about 5 months ago at American River CrossFit. I had started a CrossFit workout regiment in my garage and wanted to drop in a few times a month to supplement my home training and get some of my form issues worked out. It wasn’t long before I was a regular. Beyond being a really great motivator and a fountain of knowledge on fitness, he’s easily the best teacher I’ve worked with. He’s got an eagle eye for form breaks and if I don’t catch myself I’m confident Chad is going to find and point out any errors in form. In cases where I was lucky enough to have him instruct me on a brand new movement where I don’t have any bad habits to break, I get into form very quickly and that’s a testament to his skill and methods, see more.
Recently I’ve begun adding in Chad’s MMAHITFIT program to my regular CrossFit WOD’s and I’m loving the variety that it brings to my training. I have no Martial Arts background but with Chad’s instruction, I’m able to train in a whole new way. It’s not only fun to try a new workout routine, the intensity you bring to an MMAHITFIT workout definitely carries over to the regular CrossFit routines. Chad really is a skilled programmer and if you are a martial artist or a fitness junkie, you owe it to yourself to give this new type of training he created a go.